Go Get It! 2017

On March 12, 2017, Bishop David G. Evans delivered a prophetic word at KO Church in which he instructed us to “Go Get it”. Moved greatly by this decree, our pastor was led to launch the “Go Get It” campaign—an initiative to go out and get everything that God has for us!

The “Go Get It” Campaign is comprised of three prevailing initiatives. The first of these initiatives is Ministry. We believe that ministry begins at home and as God continues to grow KO Church abundantly through membership, we endeavor by faith to grow in structure. We believe God to step out and move forward into expansion of the four walls of where we currently worship or ownership of our own building.

Our Ministry initiative will also consist of obtaining a church van. This means of transportation will further allow us to not only bring people to the House of God but also function as a vital tool in our ministry (e.g. youth, seniors) within the local community of Audubon.

Lastly, the Ministry initiative will seek to have a great impact on reaching our youth through more creative, fun, empowering avenues. We want to continually provide free access and opportunity for our youth to function in ministry at KO Church.

  1. Ministry Initiative
    • Church Expansion
    • Church Transportation
    • Youth Activities

The second key initiative of the “Go Get It” Campaign is Community. As a church founded on the principles of outreach, we understand the importance of ministry reaching beyond the four walls of our church. We have already begun the process of strengthening our relationship with the City of Audubon (including utilizing city assets and resources such as the Audubon Recreational Center, etc.)

We endeavor to enrich and empower the community through counseling programs such as substance abuse and addiction. We also endeavor to seek the avenues necessary to explore senior housing programs, as well as grants for community education and schooling.

  1. Community Initiative
    • Counseling Programs
    • Senior Housing
    • Educational Grants

Lastly, the third initiative of the “Go Get It” Campaign is Evangelism/Outreach with the specific focus of soul winning. This year, we endeavor to reach the goal of winning 300 souls to Christ through the ministry of KO Church.

  1. Evangelism Initiative
    • Winning 300 souls to Christ this year

You also play a huge and significant role in us achieving these three initiatives of the “Go Get It” Campaign. We want you to help us go out and GO GET IT! Go get everything God has claimed for us as people of God; to continue to minister not only within the church’s four walls but also continue to reach the community and in more souls for Christ.

WE BELIEVE GOD! And here at KO Church, we truly believe God has strategically put us in a place to impact people’s lives throughout this entire region. Will you help us? Donate here on our website or look us up on the Givelify app.

We are out changing lives and reaching beyond limits!